What I use

Inspired by many others I listed the software tools that I use, and also how I use them.January 5, 2022

Inspired by many others I listed the software tools that I use, and also how I use them.


I use Microsoft’s VSCode for the coding. What I mostly love about it is the “Remote Containers” extension. Since I’m mostly working with docker, and I am also switching a lot between projects, I like to open each project in my editor and have all the docker containers started.


For database management, I am using TablePlus. Very important for me are the security modes, since I toggle a lot between production, stage, and local databases. These modes already saved me a few times from accidentally running queries on the wrong environment.


I’m only using git on the command line without any visual tools. Most UI tools for git always feel slow for me. I have two favorite commands aliased.


Since I am working daily with REST APIs, I use Insomnia for testing my requests. Quite often I find myself copying AJAX requests as CURL from devtools and pasting it to Insomnia for debugging.


For note-taking and also generally for my writing I am using Bear. It’s an elegant tool for writing without distractions.


As a terminal fan, I am using iTerm2 as a dropdown terminal combined with tmux, which allows me to split my terminal windows. It’s very handy if you are observing logs from different applications.


Things3 is my to-do application; there I am writing anything that comes to my mind, which I want to remember. During a coding session, I may remember that I want to refactor a function or write a test for a class. By pressing opt + . the “Quick entry” appears; there I can quickly write my thought and return to whatever I was doing.