Why I created Sigmie

The reason that pushed me to create SigmieNovember 4, 2022

Since I was a kid I always admired how smart the Google search engine was. It always knew what I was looking for even before me.

Actually searching is one thing I love about technology.

When I am in a big store and I am searching for a concrete product and I have no idea where it is. I always wish there was a search input at the entrance where I type what I am looking for, and find its exact position.

But those things would never convince me to build Sigmie.

In the last 5 years, I worked at 4 companies, and all had the same problem. “The search”.

Either it was slow, expensive, or not smart enough, or it destroyed the database because of too the many indexes on too many columns.

And my experience with Elasticsearch made me wonder why people aren’t using it to solve their Search problems.

Now after trying to figure things out for 3 years I know some of the reasons.

But the most important reason is that people want something that "just works”. While an application has a million things to focus. For most businesses, there is no time to set up and maintain something Elasticsearch.

Of course, the same goes for me. Even though I have a lot of experience with using Elasticsearch. I rarely use it on production for searching, because there is never time for it.

So the main reason for building Sigmie is to “scratch my own itch” and easily set up searches even for smaller projects.